Trump’s Gonna Trump! The Donald Threatens To Sue The Pants Off Pulitzer Board If It Doesn’t Rescind WaPo And NYT Awards For Russia Hoax Coverage
· Jun 1, 2022 ·

One of my favorite comedians of all time, the king of one-liners Stephen Wright, has this great line that always makes me laugh.

Can you imagine Pulitzer Prizefighting?

Well, it looks like we may just have a Pulitzer Prizefight on our hands now.

Donald Trump has just threatened to sue the Pulitzer board if they don't rescind their prize for the fake news coverage of the Russian collusion hoax by the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Sean Hannity has published parts of the letter on his site, and the details are so signature Trump.

From Hannity:

Trump wrote to Pulitzer Prize administrator Marjorie Miller last week (excerpts below):

"There is no dispute that the Pulitzer Board's award to those media outlets was based on false and fabricated information that they published.

"The continuing publication and recognition of the prizes on the Board's website is a distortion of fact and a personal defamation that will result in the filing of litigation if the Board cannot be persuaded to do the right thing on its own.

"In light of additional recent evidence that the articles for which that prize was awarded contained incontrovertibly false information that misled the public, I again call on your organization to maintain its own credibility by rescinding that prize to The New York Times and The Washington Post.

"In response to my earlier correspondence, the Pulitzer Prize Board is quoted in The Hill stating that, "The Pulitzer Board has a standing process for reviewing questions about past awards, under the guidelines of which complaints are considered by an appointed committee." Now that nearly eight months have passed since my initial letter, you have an obligation to share with me the status of that supposedly "appointed committee's" review following the alleged "standing process." The American people also deserve to know who was appointed to serve on that committee and how stories which were based on clearly fake information but still received the Prize are treated.

"Together with the publications that have obsessively promulgated distinguishably false attacks against me, you have done all you can to destroy my reputation, how do I get my reputation back?

"I again call on you to rescind the Prize you awarded based on blatantly fake, derogatory and defamatory news. If you choose to not do so, we will see you in court."

Can you just imagine it?

Trump taking the Pulitzer board to court and getting them to admit publicly that they gave out an award for a fake news story?

It would be so incredibly glorious.

This isn't the first time he's asked the board to reconsider. But I don't think he will have much success with these threats.

I, for one, would love to see Trump take this to court and get his reputation back and destroy this fake news awards system once and for all.

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