Report: Electric vehicles damage roads twice as much as their gas counterparts
· Jun 28, 2023 ·

Those electric vehicles that the Left thinks is going to save the world from 200-foot tsunamis or whatever — it turns out they're really heavy.

And can you guess what happens when you drive a lot of really heavy vehicles on brittle old roadways? Yep:

Electric cars damage roads twice as much as their petrol equivalents, analysis has shown, as the pothole crisis grows on Britain's roads.

Analysis by The Telegraph has found that the average electric car more than doubles the wear on road surfaces, which in turn could increase the number of potholes.

Yes, your super-weighty battery-powered ClimateCar could be gouging the ever-loving heck out of your local roadways. You're telling me this much-touted miracle device might have some downsides and unintended consequences? Who would have thought it??

That's to say nothing of the fossil fuels we're going to need to fix all of these potholes: Sending crews of guys out in F-350 fleet vehicles, filling the holes with fossil-derived bitumen patch, running gas-powered plate compactors.

If it gets bad enough we're going to need to be deploying whole armadas of pavers and screeds to repair the nationwide damage. Asphalt screeds get about three miles to the gallon, you know. They are not fuel efficient. They will release many greenhouse gasses into the air.

Maybe that would be worth it if EVs actually reduced emissions across the whole supply chain, but, well...

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