Twitter and the fact checkers thought the most essential thing to know today is that an old man didn't have help driving a truck

May 21st

How sad is it that we live in a time when the powerbrokers of the media and internet have to spend all their time convincing us that our senile, fragile POTUS is not actually senile and fragile?

This is what Twitter was promoting on Friday afternoon, trying to desperately point people to the leftist news launderers known as "fact checkers":

It's funny. I remember Trump being slammed in the media for a week because he once slipped on a ramp of sheer ice. I don't recall Twitter or the fact-checkers running to his aid, but I do see a lot of interference run weekly for Joe Biden.

If you watch the video slowed down, you can see that the person next to Biden has his arm outstretched on what looks like a second steering wheel from the angle. You can also see that Biden turns the wheel to the right before accelerating, but that the truck's wheels stay straight.

Contrary to what the checkers claim, people like myself didn't come to this humorous suggestion based on conspiracy theories. I used my eyeballs while listening to Joe's flippant comment to a reporter asking about the situation in Israel.

Before the fact-checkers cancel this article, however, I'll point out a separate photo that shows no second steering wheel. The agent (or whoever he is) next to Biden was likely trying to stabilize an expensive camera on the dash (which is frankly the real issue here, since both hands are needed at all times to protect POTUS from threats).

I want to make one thing clear: I could care less whether Joe Biden actually drove an electric F-150. Even a 35-year-old president might feasibly have a trained driver assisting him when maneuvering a conceptual vehicle at top speeds.

"POTUS Dies In Fiery Test-Drive Wreck" is an article no reporter wants to write (unless it's a Republican president I suppose).

The story here is not the story: it's the media reaction to the story.

Look at how many people got paid to cover this earth-shattering fact-check:

Others like Yahoo and USA Today also ran stories to fact check.

Newsweek just lobbed the usual "right-wing conspiracy theory" phrase in there and called it a day, instead of just sticking to bi-partisan analysis:

"There is no evidence that there was a second steering wheel in the car than Biden drove, with the claims mainly being made by a right-wing conspiracy theorist website."

Oh, and check out the AP story on this that Twitter directs you to. Try to find one clause where they say anything critical about Biden.

Instead, you'll find "objective" phrases like "The self-described 'car guy' took a spin," "Biden is known for his love of cars," "wearing aviators and a broad grin," and "for a few great moments on Tuesday" he could forget that the Secret Service won't let him drive his "treasured 1967 Corvette."

The writer also oohed and aahed over how he "teased" a reporter that dared ask him about the chaos unfolding in Israel as a result of his horrible foreign policy.

I mean, my goodness: It's like some weird version of a dystopian middle school where a few kids say little Kendra has cooties and the student newspaper runs a billion articles on why Kendra doesn't actually have cooties.

It doesn't make the situation better, it just makes it weirder and makes me think something actually is wrong with the person they're clearly trying to protect.

I have five operational senses and a functioning prefrontal cortex, along with a healthy dose of plain common sense. I don't need any media reporting to see that Biden regularly stumbles and fumbles – that he's suffering the inevitable ravages of time and then some.

It's the media's insistence on portraying him as the pinnacle of swaggering machismo that makes me both paranoid and sick.

Keep it up, Jack Dorsey and the fact checkers! I'm sure if you keep screaming it loud enough, we'll totally believe that Joe Biden is strong and youthful and that you aren't running cover for some nefarious reason!


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