Twitter just locked out Libs of Tik Tok for "hateful conduct"
ยท Apr 14, 2022 ยท

The woman who runs the Libs of Tik Tok account created her profile so she could expose some of the insane things that activists (especially teachers) were spewing over on TikTok.

Over the last year, her account has been instrumental in exposing Critical Race Theory, Covid insanity, and sexual grooming in classrooms around America. She's been featured on Fox News and other outlets โ€“ again, just for sharing the public videos that crazy people are they themselves posting to social media.

She has now been silenced by Twitter.

(The screenshot says she'll get full access back in 12 hours, but who knows if that will happen.)

We knew this was coming. She did too, which is why she left a link pinned at the top of her account to sign up for her newsletter.

There are very few accounts that are documenting the way LGBT groomers, Branch Covidians, BLM activists, and Antifa thugs are trying to indoctrinate and destroy our kids. Twitter has removed nearly all of them at this point.

I haven't yet heard of any leftist accounts reposting conservative videos that have been banned. Makes ya wonder.

Anyway, Elon's takeover of the Twitter commies can't come fast enough!

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