"Robot dogs are cute," they said ... "No one will mount rifles to them," they said!
· Apr 14, 2022 · NottheBee.com

In case you are wondering how you're going to shuffle off your mortal coil, here ya go:

Goodness, that is absolutely terrifying. That robot dog might still be a little shaky in handling recoil, but I bet that bug will be worked out within a year.

Within 10, you'll probably be racing your family through a war zone as a pack of these suckers hunt you in the streets!

Good luck outrunning them when they can move as fast as cheetahs!

Robotics companies like Boston Dynamics have condemned the suggestion that their products would be used for warfare for years, and they often require customers to sign agreements that they won't use their tech for such nefarious purposes.

But let's be honest: New tech is always gonna be used to try to get a militaristic edge. It's just that now it's a whole lot scarier than it was when the British figured out how to sheath their ship hulls in copper to be faster than the French!

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