Twitter users are telling JK Rowling "You're next" after she wished fellow author Salman Rushdie well after brutal attack
· Aug 13, 2022 ·

Well, it didn't take long for the absolute worst in people to start showing up on the internet.

After the possibly deadly attack on author Salman Rushdie yesterday, fellow author JK Rowling of the Harry Potter series wished for Rushdie to survive, but then the mob turned against her. Again.

Seriously, the woke left hates JK Rowling so much that they are taking inspiration from this heinous attack and threatening Rowling with violence.

This is because she thinks boys are boys and girls are girls.

And it's more than one weirdo.

Rowling receives public death threats on the regular, and this attack is just inspiring more wackos to come after the author.

This is how the woke think folks:

Rushdie may be okay, but he is associated with JK Rowling and free speech. So maybe the guy deserved it.

These wokesters are sick people.

Of course, other people are even more woke, claiming that even THINKING about a white woman right now is racist!

No matter the tragedy, woke people are going to find a way to make everything about themselves and their ideology.

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