Video: Here are the workers that mine toxic chemicals for electric vehicles so woke corporations can help customers virtue signal about saving the planet
· Aug 13, 2022 ·

Next time you see a guy puffing out his chest as he pats the hood of his Prius with the "climate justice" bumper sticker, tell him to hold onto his man bun for a hot sec while you load this video:

I'm not against awesome electric tech, but I'm tired of the narrative.

  • I'm tired of the virtue-signaling dopes who hate amazing, clean nuclear energy in favor of vast fields of solar panels made by Chinese slaves with materials mined by African slaves, so that a woke American governor can use them as a marketing ploy for a few years before they are dumped into landfills where they will leach plastic and toxic chemicals for the next thousand years.
  • I'm tired of the climate cultists who say the planet is burning and think the way to save it is to starve and impoverish everyone instead of making everyone as free and rich as possible so that even the world's poor have the resources to care for their local environment.
  • I'm tired of the elite jetting around the world in fleets of aircraft to figure out a way to make us more scared and divided so that they can get even richer.

To the latte-sipping soy boys who think that supporting all the current big government and big corporate leaders is somehow doing the planet a favor, you aren't the hero you think you are!

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