Two people in same car both got charged with DUIs after switching seats while being pulled over
· · Jul 2, 2021 ·

"Oh no, that was a cop."

"What do you mean? Was I speeding?"

"You were definitely speeding."

"Oh man, he just turned his lights on."


"Yes. Okay, we're going to have to switch seats now."


"Cuz I'm drunk."

"Well so am I!"

"Yeah, but you're way less drunk than I am."

"Who cares?"

"Come on, just switch seats with me. It'll be fine."


So that's how I'm guessing this went down (with the words coming out in more of a slurred fashion, of course).

And then as it is with most drunk people, this driver, a man, and his passenger, a woman, didn't realize how obvious it was that they were switching seats.

Because the cops saw it all unfold.

As the officer tried to pull the vehicle over, he saw the vehicle slowing down and noted the driver and front-seat passenger switching spots while the car was still in motion.

And once the officer made his way to the vehicle he noticed that the car reeked of alcohol and that both the man and the woman had glossy eyes.

Okay, I'm gonna stop right here and remind everyone to just get an Uber in this situation. Or call your local Saferides or whatever. Cuz it's not worth it.

Anyway, moving on…

So the officer had to treat both of these individuals as drivers, since they had both been seen operating the vehicle. So he gives them each a breathalyzer test.

Well, it turns out, in the hypothetical dialogue above, the guy was right: he was way more drunk than the woman, and blew a 0.24. The girl blew a 0.15, and they were both charged with a DWI.

And now these two idiot sandwiches have a major stain on their driving record, thousands of dollars in penalties and court costs to pay, and a unique story to tell.


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