Experts ordered the entire world to stay home indefinitely over a virus, but now they can't be bothered to tell gay men to stop having orgies??
· · Jul 22, 2022 ·

Remember a couple of years ago when, in an effort to slow COVID-19 transmission, they literally shut down the outdoors to prevent children from playing in the fresh air and sunshine?

And they shut down countless businesses, turning your beloved downtown into a ghost town and throwing people in jail if they dared to open up their shops to make money?

And they refused to let elderly patients in hospitals see their families one last time before they passed away?

You're telling me after all of that...they can't even just go ahead and tell gay men to lay off the bathhouses for a bit until the monkeypox outbreak subsides??

Believe it. Consider a recent report from CNN, which admits that the high-risk demographic for monkeypox includes "men who have sex with men, particularly those who have had multiple sexual partners in the past two weeks in an area with known monkeypox cases." In this incredible writeup, Dr. Demetre Daskalakis works very, very hard to just come right out and say how this disease is spread:

"If it's a hug that doesn't necessarily include a shirt, there's a theoretical risk of transmission there, but that's not what we're hearing in terms of what's happening with our cases, so it's lower risk. I can't say zero risk," Daskalakis said.

Rather, it's longer contact that seems to be responsible for most cases now. "If you were to ask me how long 'long' is, I can't answer that question, but it seems as if it's possible that this is not being transmitted by a light brush," Daskalaskis said.

Come on, Doc! You know how it's transmitted!

It cannot be overstated how afraid Dr. Daskalakis is to just tell gay guys to stop hooking up en masse and/or with total strangers:

"In line with our harm reduction guidance, thinking about reducing your number of partners, potentially trying to avoid anonymous contacts ends up being smart from the perspective of decreasing the risk of exposure," Daskalakis said.


"Just think about it!"

"Give some thought to potentially avoiding anonymous sexual partners!"

Doctors giving out this advice like:

This isn't just one doc, folks.

Here's the latest out of New York City:

The spread of monkeypox has ignited a debate within the New York City Health Department over whether the agency should encourage gay men to reduce their number of sexual partners during this summer's outbreak.

Inside the department, officials are battling over public messaging as the number of monkeypox cases has nearly tripled in the last week, nearly all of them among men who have sex with men. A few epidemiologists say the city should be encouraging gay men to temporarily change their sexual behavior while the disease spreads, while other officials argue that approach would stigmatize gay men and would backfire.

Amazing. Remember, they shut down your kids' schools for many, many months, setting American children back years in learning loss and fomenting panic, fear, paranoia, and hypochondria in the process.

And yet now they simply can't bring themselves to say, "Lay off the cruising spots for a few weeks, fellas."

I'm starting to think that modern public health may be hopelessly politicized and not worth paying attention to at all!

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