A female college student was abducted and killed in a Georgia "sanctuary city" … I wonder why the media isn't telling us about the alleged killer
· Feb 24, 2024 · NottheBee.com

Laken Riley, a nursing student at Augusta University College of Nursing was nabbed and killed while jogging on the University of Georgia campus.

Yeah, kidnapped and killed while out for a jog on a major college campus.

So, what happened?

So don't expect certain facts about the killer to be told to you by the mainstream media. In fact, here's how CNN covered it:

Yeah, I think the fact that the unfortunate girl didn't know her killer beforehand is probably less important to the story than the fact that the alleged killer was illegally in the United States and was hanging out in Athens because the liberal college city is a sanctuary city.

Here are some more fun (disgusting and disturbing) facts about the killer as well:

Yeah, Jose Antonio Ibarra is a fighting-age young man, 26, who invaded the country through El Paso in 2022 under Biden's watch, was sponsored by a woke New York youth homeless shelter, was arrested in New York for beating up a child, and then went to the sanctuary city of Athens, GA, where he allegedly stalked and bludgeoned this young nursing student to death.

Yeah, no wonder the mainstream media outlets haven't covered the killer.

In fact, I did a Google News search while writing this Saturday morning to see if any national outlet (outside of the New York Post) even bothered publishing the picture of the killer on the header photo. I found one, Newsweek, but check out the headline:

It's worth printing this dude's photo if the story is about bloodthirsty "MAGA" supporters who are pro-death penalty for - checks notes - MURDERERS!

Only when we want to attack Trump supporters for being anti-immigrant can we show this guy's face.

Just your friendly reminder that journalists are the enemy of the people.

I don't think Covenant House is a Christian NGO; however, there are dozens of Christian, and especially Catholic, NGOs who use the same model to sponsor illegal immigrants coming to the US.

Laken Riley's death was completely preventable and she would likely be alive today if Donald Trump's "remain in Mexico" policy had been in place, if New York actually cared about crime, and if woke cities didn't make themselves sanctuaries for illegal aliens.

How many more people need to die due to leftist policies before we stop this madness?

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