Uh-oh: Apple users are complaining that a new software update is resurfacing their deleted nudes
ยท May 22, 2024 ยท NottheBee.com

Yo, iPhone users, remember the photos you deleted years ago? How can those reappear unless Apple is storing them on their servers?

Yup, it looks like some โ€” SOME โ€” iPhone users are reporting resurfaced deleted photos appearing on their iPhone after the latest update. A few users, after installing the iOS 17.5 update, revealed that some of these photos were "revealing," opening up a big ol' bag of worms for the rest of you deviant iPhone users to worry about.

People reporting the apparent bug say that they're seeing old photos appear in their Recents album after Monday's update. iOS does give users the option to restore deleted photos, but after 30 days, they're supposed to be permanently removed.

The person who started the thread claimed that NSFW photos they had deleted 'years ago' were back on their phone. Another Reddit user said that they saw photos from 2016 show up as new images but that they didn't think they'd ever deleted them. And a person claimed in a later post that 'around 300' of their old pictures, some of which were 'revealing,' appeared on an iPad they'd wiped per Apple's guidelines and sold to a friend.

Bros and chicas, you might wanna check out those photo albums if you already installed that update. Or maybe don't take compromising photos of yourself or sensitive info, you weirdos.

If you think these users are just trolling, well, Apple has released a fix for the bug:

So yeah...

And look at this, it's not just old photos that are resurfacing. ๐Ÿ‘‡

Notes too!

Before I go, here are some Reddit posts from that thread they were talking about above.

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