Ultra woke video game streaming service Twitch is laying off 36% of its employees
· · Mar 24, 2023 · NottheBee.com

The popular online streaming platform Twitch, an Amazon subsidiary with a long and storied history of wokeness in hiring practices and in their rules for streaming, has just joined their big tech brothers in laying off a large swath of their employees.

Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed, Google, Microsoft and other woke big tech companies are having to let go of lots of their employees because their preferred presidential candidate has tanked the economy and these companies are starting to realize that having a giant DEI department is not the best thing for a money-making company.

From ZeroHedge:

The San Francisco based company has an extensive and ugly history of EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) measures that have greatly influenced its hiring practices as well as its censorship practices. The platform is notorious for its crackdown on content that runs contrary to their social justice sensibilities.

Among 9,000 new Amazon layoffs, 36% of Twitch is hitting the door. 400 Twitch employees, out of just 1,100 total, are being fired in the latest round of cuts.

It's a complete disaster for a major big tech platform that is the most popular video game streaming network in the world, even with their nonsense woke rules.

Twitch is most famous for its implementation of an 8 member "Safety Council" which had oversight on TOS rules for the platform. The leftist saturated council included a trans member (a man identifying as a woman) who also believed he was a deer that often accused gamers of being "white supremacists."

So, while the company was busy enforcing woke moral codes on their customers, the Democrats were busy creating an economy where Amazon can't afford to keep these wokescolds employed anymore.

The woke safety boards may keep the ESG folks happy, but it's not going to keep the lights on.

Go woke, go broke!


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