Ummm, Can Anyone Explain Why Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Is Coming Out As Explicitly Anti-Family?

May 3rd

The Queen of Cringe, Senator from the State of New York Kirsten Gillibrand is trying to worm her way into the Bad Tweet Hall of Fame with this doozy that came seemingly out of nowhere:

Umm, excuse me? Is the sitting senator from the state of New York actually publicly proclaiming that the idea of having a family is "tired"? This may be the worst attempt of a leftist trying to meme that I have ever seen, and that's really, really saying something.

The idea of this meme is to juxtapose two competing ideas and frame one as preferable to the other.

So, literally, Kirsten Gillibrand is proclaiming that individuals choosing to have a traditional family is a negative "tired" thing while supporting leftist family policies like affordable child care (read: taxpayer-subsidized childcare) and universal paid leave (read: government mandating companies to pay employees who take time off to have children) is a "wired" or positive thing.

The open denigration of families is obviously a very bold strategy for the lefty senator to take, but it does fit in with how the left views family and tradition. Those on the right for years have said that left-wing policies are anti-family and now their rhetoric makes that point painfully obvious.

Now, no one would accuse Kirsten Gillibrand of being the smartest politician out there. This is obviously a misstep from a very bad politician. You'll recall the queen of cringe being ridiculed relentlessly for her awkward chant of "Gay Rights!" while on the campaign trail.

Then we have my personal favorite Gillibrand highlight, her sitting on the edge of a booth trying to campaign while everyone else in the restaurant is wondering what she's doing there. Then she is interrupted by a true hero who is just trying to get some ranch.

Yeah, Gillibrand is just not a skilled politician, and somehow this tweet today is probably her most cringe moment yet.

Tired: Families

Wired: Affordable child care and universal paid leave

Oh man, the more you read it the worse it gets. 😭


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