Teacher Gives The Alphabet Song A Much Needed Update Rocking The Letters To A Tune By Korn 🤘

May 3rd

We can all agree, while classic and useful, the alphabet song is certainly outdated. And there have been attempts over the years to make the song hipper and improve the teaching method. This teacher on TikTok has finally come up with what I hope will be the new standard alphabet song for generations to come.

And it heckin' rocks.

You have to admit, this is as catchy as all get out. It rocks and it is how my children will learn their letters.

Now, the irony is not lost on me that he is appropriating a song from the band Korn, a band who apparently doesn't even know how to spell. However, what they lack in grammar and phonics they make up for in rocking out.

No matter what your opinion of this new alphabet song is, you have to admit it is better than this atrocity that they tried to pass off a couple of years ago. They slowed it down to make the "L M N O P" section clearer, thus ruining the integrity of the song.

What an abomination.

If you want to teach the ABC's to kids in a new fashion at least have fun, as we learned from The Barenaked Ladies.


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