Not satire: Ontario school board decides it's totally okay for the "trans" shop teacher to wear ginormous fake breasts to school
· Nov 10, 2022 ·

We are truly in clown world.

Not only are we living in a world where THIS dude is a teacher:

And not only are we living in a world where online activists DEFEND this dude wearing cartoonish fake boobs to a school to work with kids...

But we're in the level of clown world where a school board made up of adults has decided that a biological male wearing sexualized fetish props to school in front of children (while teaching shop!!) is totally fine.

Here's The Post Millennial:

After a biologically male shop teacher, identified as Kayla Lemieux, began teaching class while wearing a blonde wig, tight bicycle shorts, and most notably obscenely large prosthetic breasts with protruding nipples, the local school board decided that, despite backlash, this attire would be permitted."It is important to recognize the impact that dress code policies can have on members of the transgender community," said the report from the Halton District School Board (HDSB). "Most notably, it is important for employers to make allowances to ensure that these employees are able to express themselves in accordance with their lived gender."

Oh. My. Goodness.

First off, why the heck is an adult male who thinks he was born in the wrong body allowed to be a teacher at all? That's insane.

And now, the same man can wear prosthetic breasts the size of the Andromeda Galaxy and it's seen as insulting if he has to abide by a dress code.

HDSB's review of its dress code further concluded that imposing rules to prevent a male teacher from wearing obscenely large prosthetic breasts with protruding nipples to work would result in "considerable liability."

They're so scared of being seen as intolerant that they're letting this deviant hang out with kids all day.

They're sacrificing the safety and wellbeing of children so they can be seen as "tolerant."

Absolutely disgusting.

At the time, the school and the board stood by the teacher's right to dress in such an inappropriate way, ignoring the parents and students who protested outside the school demanding that the teacher be forced to leave the fetishwear at home.

"If an employer's dress code and grooming standards place more difficult requirements on female employees relative to those placed on male employees, or require female employees to dress in a manner with is more conventional, such standards could form the basis of a discrimination claim under the Code," continues the report...

"It is clear from the above analysis that the implementation of a formal staff dress code or grooming standards would likely expose the Board to considerable liability," said the report in conclusion. "Even if a dress code is implemented for non-discriminatory reasons, it would likely be found to be discriminatory where it adversely affects an employee or group of employers on the basis of their Code-protected rights."

In other words, if a male's gender identity is female and the expression of that gender identity involves wearing pornographic fetish gear in a classroom full of children, the Ontario Human Rights Code protects that individual's right to do so and the school is powerless to protect the children in their care from such inappropriate behavior.

These fake breasts with huge nipples are a sex toy. That's what they are.

And they can't make a point to keep that out of school.

Our entire world is lost. This is madness.

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