New "progressive" law allows Belgian government to intervene if prostitute refuses sex too many times
· May 13, 2024 ·

Hey ladies, you got those Handmaid's Tale cloaks handy? Cuz I think you're gonna need 'em.

Check out this story out of Belgium where the government basically owns women now and can punish them if they don't do their job as a prostitute.

No, I'm not kidding.

Women's rights just keep getting better and better!

I told you about this new labor law in Belgium last week:

This came one year after wokies praised Belgium for becoming the first EU country to decriminalize prostitution. The Left similarly praised this new law for providing benefits and protections to "sex work." We were all supposed to see this as a win for progress!

But as it turns out, when the government becomes your sugar daddy, they expect you to turn up for work whether or not you feel like prostituting yourself!

A new law in Belgium celebrated by activists for providing a 'labour contract' to prostitutes will also enable their pimps to punish them with a government mediator if they refuse sex more than 10 times in a six-month period. The Belgian Parliament voted for the law on May 3, with 93 in favor, zero opposed, and 33 abstentions …

Women being forced to have sex for money whether they like it or not so their rulers can get more taxes. Yay for progress?

Prostitutes are to be granted 'rights' to refuse sexual acts, stop sexual acts, perform sexual acts in the manner they prefer, and refuse to sit behind Amsterdam-style windows (public facing windows where prostitutes are on display). However, should a prostitute use these 'rights' 10 times within six months, their pimp can then call on a government mediator to intervene.

You get 10 "refuses" every six months!

That's one for every 2-week period!!

I'm no sex worker, but that sounds like a ripoff to me. Like, if I have rights as a prostitute, like they're now offering in Belgium, I can say "no" more than once every two weeks.

Since women make up the bulk of the prostitution business, they're starting to feel like all the woke #Empowerment is actually a con. Who knew??

They gave prostitutes a labor contract and we're supposed to be surprised that it overwhelmingly favors the pimps and Johns?

Bro, that's what you get when you let your customers write your labor laws!


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