WILD: A Texas woman says she broke her own window when she forgot her keys. Two cops showed up and dumped MULTIPLE MAGS cuz the lady's friend answered the door with a gun.
· Feb 23, 2024 · NottheBee.com

This whole thing is bonkers and I'm not sure what to believe so I'd urge everyone to cool the heck down until all the facts are in.

Eboni Pouncy and her 1-year-old kid were visiting a friend's apartment. Pouncy says her friend forgot her key and told her to just break the window, because that's totally something that a sane person would do in February.

Pouncy's friend, who was with her the previous night, said that she had forgotten her keys to her apartment. The friend told Pouncy to break the window so they could enter, she said at a news conference last Friday.

They were chilling for 20 minutes, broken window and all, when the cops showed up and knocked on the door. That's when Pouncy - once again, as the visitor with her baby in the house - decided to go to the door with her gun.

Well, those cops say they saw the broken window and Pouncy with the gun and went into go mode.

The two had been in the house for about 20 minutes when they heard a loud banging on the door, Pouncy's friend said. Pouncy grabbed her gun and went to the door before she was fired upon by the deputies, according to the friend.

The police say they shouted "Sheriff's Office!" after knocking on the door.

According to the Sheriff's Office account in the video, the deputies went to investigate the reported break-in and saw 'the front window screen removed, broken glass and the blinds raised, near the front door.' The deputies knocked, and one of them announced their presence.

There are two bodycam vids showing what happened:

[Warning: Violence]



Bro, remind me never to get on the bad side of a female cop!

So many mistakes here on the part of the cops. Failing to move and get behind cover. Fumbling with the mag. Failing to rack the slide and calling on the radio when the gun is not in battery. Shooting another mag from the same position while you're out wide in the open. The cop on the right reloaded but the slide wasn't back, so I'm not sure if that was a malfunction (and the gun was useless without being re-racked) or if she still had one in the chamber.

Either way, the lack of overall proficiency is WILD.

Even at the end, the cop on the right had to tell her dazed partner to "go down."


Pouncy, a friend of the woman who lived in the apartment, sustained a total of five gunshot wounds to the leg and torso, according to her attorney, Ben Crump, who reacted to the release of the video on Monday, calling it 'evidence of the unnecessary and excessive force.'

We're gonna come back to Old Man Crump in a second, because that's a name you should remember.

None of Pouncy's vital organs were struck by bullets, but the long-term effects of her injuries are yet to be determined, according to Crump. He told ABC News that Pouncy is traumatized by the incident.

Well no duh. Bleeding from gunshot wounds is literal trauma, you dummy.

If you don't know, Ben Crump is like Al Sharpton's braindead baby. The man makes everything about racism but he's not as polished or as smart (which is really saying something).

You don't believe me??


Yeah, so we have a verified racist idiot and sympathetic media networks that are going to try to destroy these two white officers by making this about race when it's actually a case of poor training and stupid circumstances.

Whatever it takes to follow the money-making formula of St. George Floyd, amiright??

Since the incident, both officers have been placed on administrative leave, according to the sheriff's office. The sheriff's department and local district attorney are investigating, and the case is being referred to a grand jury.

Can't wait to hear how they're both racists!

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