Woke Update: Not Wanting To Date Trans People Is Transphobic Even If It's Because You Want Biological Kids
· Dec 6, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Okay, this is nonsense.

Here we have a very pretty young lady who plans to date a man at some point, and like many women, she's got a few red flags she looks for in those men.

One of the red flags is... well, I'll let you watch the video.

A red flag that your man wouldn't date a trans woman?!?!

Gimme a break!

I think if your man said yes, he would date a trans woman, you'd have some pretty bad luck dating him.

But that's just me.

And apparently all those people in your comments you're complaining about think the same way I do.

My favorite line of this entire vid: "[He] says something about trans women not being able to carry children. If that's your sole reason for dating someone, keep that same energy for all the women who are infertile."

First of all, extremely disrespectful.

Second of all, I think this is a normal human trait, you know, to seek out a mate and create biological children with them. That's just how reality works.

Either way, our culture is lost, man. This poor young lady has no idea how quickly actual women like herself are being erased from society. And it's sad.

If your man is willing to date a trans woman, he's not straight. Argue with me all day, but there's nothing heterosexual about dating a person of the same biological sex. So this whole "not dating trans women is transphobia" thing needs to stop.

Not that it's like the worst thing in the world or anything.

It's just embarrassing and fake.

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