UPDATE: Unvaxxed Canadian woman denied lifesaving organ transplant has died
ยท Aug 25, 2023 ยท NottheBee.com

Canadian Sheila Annette Lewis, who was denied a lifesaving organ transplant because of being unvaccinated against Covid, has tragically passed away.

In July, an Alberta court ruled that Sheila could not receive a lifesaving organ transplant because she never received her COVID-19 vaccine.

Canadians flooded the streets in protest, but that just wasn't enough.

Sheila passed away on the morning of August 24, leaving her friends, family, and many Canadians across the country to grieve for her loss.

From Rebel News:

She was known as a courageous fighter, and an inspiration to other Canadians and their families, dealing with denied treatment due to their vaccination status.

Diagnosed with a terminal condition in 2019, Sheila needed an organ transplant to survive. She applied and was initially approved for an organ transplant in Canada, quite literally next in line to receive the vital transplant she needed to survive.

Doctors described how eager they were to perform the transplant, but soon the incoming Covid-19 pandemic would change that. With the introduction of vaccine mandates, doctors began to refuse treatment those who would not take the Covid shot.

Sheila's passing is tragic. The Canadian government and courts are an absolute disgrace. They have failed Sheila and the country.

Will the Canadian government finally wake up? Or feel any remorse?

When will enough be enough?

Or will we just keep seeing more COVID-19 mandates coming our way now that it's flu season?

Sheila died with her freedom and dignity intact. She left us too soon, and her passing will haunt the country for years to come. But we all know what Sheila stood for, and she will forever be seen as a martyr in this continuous fight.

Sheila Annette Lewis believed in bodily autonomy, and the Canadian government punished her with the ultimate price - her life.

This was never about our health and safety.

RIP Sheila. You'll never be forgotten.

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