USAF commander with Civil Air Patrol goes full woke: "Stop hiring middle aged white people... especially dudes"
· Jul 18, 2023 ·


I guess we're about to really find out if diversity is our strength.

The Civil Air Patrol is the civilian auxiliary of the US Air Force that was formed in WWII to help spot German subs off our coastline. Today, it prepares teenagers for military service, fosters aviation opportunities, and performs search and rescue operations alongside the military and police.

Here's Air Force Col. Mark Wootan, the 31st commander of the CAP - USAF (the Air Force-appointed leader who is separate from the civilian national commander), hating on his own race and gender in the name of equity and all but assuring that we are about to see disaster:

[Update: This clip is reportedly from 2022 and Wootan is now retired from this position, but the video is still worth seeing]

The only really guidance I put out for them to consider is "stop hiring middle aged white people, especially dudes who are pilots because, honestly, we all think alike too much. And if we're gonna be preaching diversity and being inclusive, then for crying out loud let's back it up.

"Crying out loud" is exactly what soldiers will be doing when we put in a trans person of color as a pilot in order to fulfill a diversity quota instead of a qualified person.

This policy is not only obviously racist, it's totally insane.

Preferring "diversity" and "inclusion" over competency and ability is straight-up foolish.

You first, Colonel Wootan:

"Give more jobs to minorities and fewer to middle-aged white guys! Except not MY job! I earned my job. And I'm saying the right things. But anyone else like me should be replaced for diversity."

The answer is systemic racism.

Honestly. Everyone in charge absolutely hates you.

Yeah, I think a blind commitment to diversity for diversity's sake is about the stupidest decision that could be made by any organization. Especially the military and its cadet programs.

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