US Defense Department successfully test fires hypersonic missile built by Lockheed Martin to compete with China and Russia
· Feb 2, 2023 ·

Over the last few years, we've been treated to a lot of news about China and Russia's hypersonic missiles, which (reportedly) fly so fast that they avoid nearly all detection systems and can hit any target on Earth within an hour or two.

The US has spent decades creating advanced warning systems through NORAD, but most of these systems are pointed toward the North Pole, since this is the shortest route a traditional ICMB missile with a nuclear payload would travel.

Hypersonic missiles travel so fast (anywhere from 4,000 to 12,000 mph currently) that they could be launched over the South Pole and slingshot across South America and our southern border and hit major cities without warning.

This is why I'm really glad to tell y'all that the US military has apparently put aside the LGBT parades for one sec to make sure we don't get blown into nuclear oblivion.

From the Defense Agency Research Project Agency (DARPA):

The joint DARPA and U.S. Air Force Hypersonic Airbreathing Weapon Concept (HAWC) completed yet another successful flight test. The Lockheed Martin version of the missile, with its Aerojet Rocketdyne scramjet, capped a program that accomplished all of its initial objectives. It was the final flight test for HAWC, which is providing critical data to inform Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) hypersonic technology maturation efforts.

"This month's flight added an exclamation point to the most successful hypersonic airbreathing flight test program in US history," said Walter Price, an Air Force deputy for the HAWC program. "The things we've learned from HAWC will certainly enhance future U.S. Air Force capabilities."

The Lockheed Martin missile again flew at speeds greater than Mach 5, higher than 60,000 feet, and farther than 300 nautical miles. This latest flight demonstrated improved capabilities and performance. The nation's hypersonic portfolio now has two feasible hypersonic airbreathing missile designs (Lockheed Martin and Raytheon) to improve and mature in the future.

Raytheon's hypersonic missile launched in Fall 2021.

DARPA and the Defense Department plan to build on this HAWC platform to design newer, faster missiles as time goes on.

I know a few of you are laughing and saying, "Well, the military probably already had this because their secret tech is 30 years ahead of where we are today."

After all the government mismanagement of the past few years, the botched withdrawal of Afghanistan, the bureaucratic ineptitude, the woke DEI crud in HR departments, and the leadership of military brass that wears tons of ceremonial medals and complains about "white rage," you still think that fairy tale is true?

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