Yale's new School of Public Health dean is an "expert" who was wrong on nearly everything about Covid because of course
· Feb 2, 2023 · NottheBee.com

It's almost like the public health "experts" learned nothing from the pandemic, other than the fact that around 50% of the people out there are nothing more than fearful sheep that can be scared into anything.

To prove that they haven't moved on from the pandemic wiser and that they are simply doubling down on the lies, the prestigious Ivy League school, Yale, has promoted one of the biggest Covid liars to Dean of the Yale School of Public Health.

I guess it pays to be a fearmonger.

No, really, this is a woman who was telling everyone to stay home a year into the pandemic when most of us were already back to normal life:

If you go to Ranney's profile, it's clear she's just a "current thing" promoter, a wokester, and, most importantly, a "yearly Covid shot" Pfizer shill.

It seems like being chronically incorrect is a REQUIREMENT for higher education these days.

As long as you are fully committed to your wrongness.

Here she is shilling for the clot shot, saying natural immunity is not a thing and that kids UNDER FIVE should get this experimental drug:

Encouraging young children who don't get sick from Covid to get the Fauci ouchie is a level of evil I don't fully comprehend. It's one thing to be tricked into it, it's another to be the one doing the deceiving as Ranney does here.

She's a Big Pharma shill and has been wrong on all things Covid. So of course she's being promoted.

Oh, and just for fun, wait till you hear how she wants to solve the problem of gun violence. It sounds really nice until you watch public health entities like the CDC come to the ultimate Marxist conclusion that tolerance doesn't work and we silly little people can't be trusted with freedom (for our own good, of course).

Is it any wonder we have lost ALL faith in "public health"?

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