Former US Women's Soccer players lose 12-0 to a bunch of older British dudes in 40 minutes ๐Ÿ˜‚
ยท Jun 5, 2023 ยท

Former players with the USA's national women's soccer team, the reigning World Cup champs, decided to play in an independent soccer tournament in North Carolina and faced off against Wrexham, a club from Wales owned by Ryan Reynolds with a bunch of older dudes, and it went exactly like you'd expect.

Here's how it started:

And here's how it went:

We're living, we're being bold, we're being brave.

Oh yes, so stunning and brave!

This will totally help win people over to the cause of equal pay for the women's national team. Someone get Megan Rapinoe in here for damage control. Even brighter hair should do it!

The modified game only lasted 40 minutes โ€“ just under half the normal time of a match... imagine if they had gone a full 90 minutes!

These are some of the best female athletes in the world, and the men playing them weren't even trying. Check out the highlights:

It honestly looks effortless for the guys.

I know this is controversial, but men and women are different and they have different skill levels. Women are awesome and should be free to play whatever sport that they want, but can we stop pretending that putting men pretending to be girls on women's teams is a good or fair idea??

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