Violent robberies in Washington, D.C. are SOARING -- up 60% from last year!
· Jul 22, 2023 ·

Many large U.S. cities have become unlivable hellholes over the past few years -- especially (by far) those that are controlled and run by Democrats.

And Washington, D.C. -- which isn't a freaking gem of a city even on a good day, as it is filled with politicians and vagrants -- is very much no exception:

No corner of the District of Columbia has been spared from a surge of robberies taking place on busy commercial corridors and neighborhood blocks in recent weeks.

The number of holdups reported by the Metropolitan Police Department has exploded this year by nearly 60% as thieves brazenly confront citizens outside bars, public libraries and the victims' own apartments.

One of the consequences of this kind of crime wave is that thieves get more and more confident. Where before they might have confined their crimes to dark alleyways and under bridges, they're now just assaulting people in broad daylight and in crowded public spaces.

Next to the crime itself, the most frustrating aspect of all of this is how committed many people seem to denying it. Local D.C. cycling enthusiast Sabrina Valenti, for instance, said that while the city has "irresponsible people" running around and causing chaos, she still "hate[s] this narrative of ‘Oh, D.C. is so crime-ridden'."

And yet:

Ms. Valenti took part in a memorial bike ride on July 16 to honor Dzhoy Zuckerman, the 27-year-old bike messenger who was shot and killed during an attempted robbery just after midnight Saturday on Third Street Northwest.

Yes, where would we get the crazy idea that the city is "crime-ridden?" I simply cannot imagine.

Meanwhile, police said that "four victims were robbed within a six-minute period Saturday in the Adams Morgan and Kalorama neighborhoods." These are not exactly Skid Row neighborhoods!

But, again, criminals in these cities increasingly don't care. Why should they? The cops have their hands tied, the city councils are looking the other way, and even residents who have their friends shot to death want to deny what's happening.

Best option here is to get out of these cities if you live in one of them. That's it. Get out.

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