This woman had no idea she was pregnant and gave birth in a – wait for it – Taco Bell BATHROOM 😨
Β· Jun 13, 2024 Β·
Okay, what in the world is with these women giving birth in restaurant bathrooms lately?!?!

This was from last Friday.

And now we have this.


But no joke, this actually happened.

Local in-home nurse Breonni Jackson is a regular at the Taco Bell in South Richmond's business district. She's also been pregnant for (let's say) about eight months, but she had no idea this was the case. And when she stopped in to pick up something to eat for one of her patients on April 30 she headed straight to the Taco Bell bathroom, after placing her order, thinking she just had some normal "girl stuff" going on.

Once her cramps went away, Jackson exited the bathroom, only to turn right back around and hit the stall once again.

This time it wasn't a drill.

'The pain hit me once again,' said Jackson 'I went back in the bathroom and this time when I sat down there was no standing back up.'

She called her husband in a panic since she didn't understand what was going on, and then it happened.

β€˜She's crying, she's breathing heavy, so immediately I'm like babe what's wrong?' Jamarz Jackson, who works at VCU Medical Center, said. β€˜And she's like, how fast can you get to me? So I'm like, oh God.'


β€˜I'm running past the Panera Bread and then I hear her let out this gut-wrenching scream,' he said.

Then, a terrifying moment of silence.

β€˜I'm still panicking, I'm like, babe, say something, and then she's like oh my God, oh my God,' said Jackson. β€˜I'm like what's wrong, what happened? And she was like I just had a baby. And I was like, you did what?!'

Yup, she delivered a little baby girl right there in the Taco Bell bathroom. Well, technically it was a joint Taco Bell and KFC bathroom (MURICA!), but Jackson had ordered from Taco Bell, so we'll call it a Taco Bell baby.

She picked up the baby and wrapped her in her shirt, but then she realized the baby wasn't crying because the umbilical cord was around her neck. She unwrapped it, and that's when Brianna heard that wonderful roar that was her daughter, Ayanna.

The Jacksons had a brand-new baby girl!

A truly heartwarming story, especially once we consider the history of the Jacksons' previous child.

The couple had been in mourning for the previous year.

Last June, the Jacksons' son Jy'Aire was killed in a crash near the intersection of Hull Street Road and Skinquarter Lane. He was just nine months old.

Breonni was behind the wheel when her car struck a pickup truck and camper that pulled off onto the shoulder.

An absolute blessing for the Jacksons and their little girl, Ayanna.

In Mr. Jackson's words,

"A miracle out of nowhere, in a Taco Bell restroom."

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