Wait, What? Maryland Dem Introduces Bill That Would Legalize Abortions Outside Clinics ... So, Back Alley Abortions??
· Jan 28, 2022 · NottheBee.com

This is so unreal, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

A Democrat in the Maryland House of Delegates has introduced a bill that would, essentially, decriminalize abortion outside of a clinical setting.

Filed The Pregnant Person's Freedom Act. This bill will prevent investigation, arrest, and/or prosecution of pregnant people experiencing pregnancy loss or seeking abortion outside of a clinical setting.

Let's put aside that this bill is for "pregnant persons", who are called "women" outside clown world, by the way.

Let's focus on what this act purportedly does.

It will prevent "investigation, arrest, and/or prosecution" of women who seek to abort their children "outside of a clinical setting".

Yep, it means she wants to legalize "back alley" and "coat hanger" abortions. You know, because Roe might be overturned and women will still need to kill their children.

I'm sorry, "pregnant persons" will need to kill their "clumps of cells."

It's almost like they don't care about the safety of women... at all.

This is saying that if abortion is illegal, we will do everything we can to make sure that you can kill your unborn child, no matter how unsafe it is for you.

No medical degree? No problem! Just any person you can find who knows how to kill an unborn child is acceptable.

Procure an abortion by any means necessary and the state of Maryland will look the other way!

Does she want to fill the state with more Kermit Gosnells??

So much for "safe, legal, and rare"!

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