WaPo featured a CRT vid that’s freakishly cultish, says white people should form "white accountability groups" and feel "shame"
· Jun 23, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Watch this and tell me this isn't a cult trying to explain the cult to us:

This is absolute garbage and it's literally a cult.

For those who want the transcript of this nonsense, see this article from the Daily Wire.

In a video promoted prominently on the website of The Washington Post, titled, "Why is White racial identity important," whites are told that white supremacism is "structural" among white people, that "understanding your whiteness is integral to becoming self-aware as a white person," that an "anti-racist culture does not exist among white people," that white people in "white accountability groups" are "unpacking wrong things that we have been taught in history class" and have experienced "a period of deep shame," and finally, that "white people don't really understand racism."

Again, literally a cult. Consider:

  1. Archaic and awkward language? ✅
  2. Explanation of specific sins defined subjectively by leaders that need to be done away with? ✅
  3. Peer pressure to confess those sins and cut off relationships with any friends or family that won't affirm your beliefs? ✅
  4. Language of a lifelong struggle to achieve higher levels of awareness without ever reaching the goal or being "good enough" to be saved from your sins? ✅


Critical Race Theory is brilliant in that it combines cultic psychological methods with Marxist teaching on societal imbalance. Take the idea of "accountability," for example.

In communist nations, there have been "struggle sessions" where individuals have to admit their sins against communism and be punished accordingly. Communism also requires the destruction of the entire societal order to give revolutionaries the foothold they need to rule people's lives.

By combining these aspects with cultic methods of isolating people and guilting them into believing they must endlessly do good works to atone for their sins, CRT becomes a powerful societal force to accomplish what Marxism can't on its own.

Consider this quote from a white Oklahoman who has taken a deep drink of the Kool-Aid:

"The more you dive into that, the more I'm really realizing how deeply rooted racism is into, like, my everyday thought process. No matter how much you work at that there's still even almost work to be done."

In short, this combines the way Marxism preys on people's jealousy with the way cults prey on people's guilt and desire to feel righteous, while telling them they are NEVER enough. We ignore this dangerous combo at our own peril.

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