WaPo is wondering why you're still upset that the authorities shut down your business, drove up inflation, got you fired, and alienated everyone you love
· Feb 1, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Why are you so upset? Can't you let it go??

For many Americans, the relentless focus on covid seems largely a thing of the past. Far fewer people are wearing masks, businesses and schools are mostly open, and many people are living with the threat of contracting the virus.

But among activist Republicans, immense resentment persists at government policies aimed at curbing the pandemic, such as vaccine mandates, school closures and mask requirements. And that's shaping up to be a significant part of the GOP's messaging as anger bubbles up among potential Republican presidential contenders and newly empowered House Republicans, Yasmeen Abutaleb, Isaac Arnsdorf and I report.

Yeah, remember 5 minutes ago when everyone on the Left was saying it was high time they hold those who disagreed with their policies "accountable"?

What ever happened to accountability, WaPo?

The pandemic is only over because people stopped listening to the dolts who were ruining their lives.

But WaPo wants to paint conservatives who kept pushing for freedom as the bad guys.

"You silly people should stop being so angry that your family disowned you, your kids had to wear face masks at recess, you were forced to take a jab with horrid side effects, and your business foreclosed!"

  • "Over the past two years, the skepticism of big government, the skepticism of government bureaucrats telling you what to do, has only grown," Republican strategist Corry Bliss said. "And the takeaway a lot of people have is those in charge made it up and had no idea what they were doing."

For anyone with a functioning brain between their ears, this is the only takeaway that's possible. You cannot be a student of reason and history and look at the insane bureaucratic response to Covid as a fine example of a job well done. It was a crud show. It was the most detestable, bungling disaster that the world has ever seen on a scale larger than the mind can comprehend.

And in the midst, there were a bunch of greedy opportunists who relied on petty tyrants to cover their tracks.

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