WaPo criticized Argentina's soccer team for not obsessing over skin color and got absolutely blasted for it
· Dec 12, 2022 · NottheBee.com

There are actual people out there who get paid to write this stuff:

I guess I should be happy: The reason I get paid to write is because there are lunatics out there like this.

From the article:

As fans keep up with Argentina's success in this year's World Cup, a familiar question arises: Why doesn't Argentina's team have more Black players? In stark contrast to other South American countries such as Brazil, Argentina's soccer team pales in comparison in terms of its Black representation.

The formula is a familiar one.

A group of people who care nothing about skin color start succeeding at something, but the oBjEcTivE Marxists – err, journalists – have to knock them down a peg and shame them because their group is too... [whispers] white.

In 2010, Argentina's government released a census that noted 149,493 people, far less than one percent of the country, was Black. For many, that data seemed to confirm that Argentina was indeed a White nation.

But roughly 200,000 African captives disembarked on the shores of the Río de la Plata during Argentina's colonial period, and, by the end of the 18th century, one-third of the population was Black. Indeed, not only is the idea of Argentina as a White nation inaccurate, it clearly speaks to a longer history of Black erasure at the heart of the country's self-definition.

You may be wondering why this lady is dividing a modern nation into tribalistic ethnic groups based on the chattel slavery system of 200 years ago instead of simply celebrating Argentina as a modern nation where everyone lives side-by-side in peace and prosperity regardless of melanin levels.

You might also be wondering what in the heck the above two paragraphs have to do with who plays on the Argentinian soccer game.

The answers are that the writer, Professor Erika Denise Edwards of the University of Texas, is a critical-race wokie who has written a book called "Hiding in Plain Sight: Black Women, the Law and the Making of a White Argentine Republic."

In other words, she's a woke racist who wrote a book about her racism and she wants to tell you about it by hijacking World Cup coverage.

In fact, she is so passionate about separating the world into "black" and "white" categories (and proving that Western civilization is an evil that needs to be dismantled, of course), that you have to read more than 20 paragraphs after the first two to get back to an semblance of what this has to do with soccer.

This history makes clear that while Argentina's soccer team may not include people of African descent, or perhaps people that most would view as Black, it is not a "White" team either.

The only thing that matters on the field is that your players are the strongest, fastest, most skilled athletes out there with good character and the resolve of champions.

That's it. The color of their skin only matters to the woke racists who would rather have skin-deep "diversity" instead of winning the game (the entire purpose of the team).

WaPo got absolutely blasted into orbit for running this piece:


I'll leave you with this:

WaPo was forced to issue an update explaining that the black population of Argentina is "far less than one percent" in this piece about why there are so few black players on the Argentinian soccer team.


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