Watch: Aussie gets into fight with incredibly-ripped kangaroo who tried to drown his dog
· Oct 17, 2023 ·

Aussie Mick Moloney had to fight to save his dog Hatchi from a massive seven-foot tall kangaroo trying to drown it in the Murray River.

Seriously, check out the size of this thing: It's a regular Arnold Schwarzenroo!

[Warning: Language]

Moloney is a police officer and martial arts expert, but still taking on a kangaroo in the water takes a lot of guts.

Moloney wrote about the experience on Facebook.

"Morning walk with the pack, got close to the river and Hatchi was missing, next minute he comes up gargling, getting drowned by this monster. Never punch a roo in the mouth, it freakin hurts....

It grabbed me and tried to drown me too."

Moloney said that he and his dog walked away with some scratches, but they were mostly unharmed.

If you were wondering, no, this wasn't an evil roo. Kangaroos use this behavior as a way to protect themselves against dingos. Let the Wild Kratts show you:

Pretty crazy stuff.

If you live Down Under, remember that everything wants to kill you (and your dog) at all times!

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