UNBELIEVABLE: Aussie police with rifles strangle and tackle maskless citizens in an attempt to prove why Covid tyranny is totally for their own good
ยท Sep 27, 2021 ยท NottheBee.com

Australia is a madhouse.

As in, the entire country.

The videos that follow are hard to watch, so proceed with caution.

First, we have a woman choked by police because she doesn't have a mask on (language warning):

Here's another couple โ€“ outside on what looks like the beach โ€“ being tackled by a mob of officers:

And another woman tackled in a park:

Just another note (yet again), that Australian authorities themselves have noted, like other health and media authorities around the world, that no case of Covid has been tracked to casual outdoor encounters.

We can safely assume at this point that it's not about the masks or the virus.

Seriously, when I see videos of "morality police" beating women in Iran or Afghanistan for not wearing a hijab or covering their face, they look identical to this monstrosity Down Under.

Watch this and tell me it is ANY DIFFERENT:

Here's a graph of how badly those tyrannical restrictions are failing as 'Rona cases skyrocket.

It's also worth noting that only around 30 Australians under age 50 have died with the Rona, because the virus overwhelmingly doesn't kill the young and healthy.

Doesn't matter though.



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