Watch: Ben Sasse Absolutely Torch Biden HHS Nominee Xavier Becerra

Feb 25th

Xavier Becerra, Joe Biden's nominee to head the Health and Human Service's department is having a really rough go of things in his confirmation hearings. Republicans are almost universally opposed to the nomination of California's Attorney General to the federal post.

Becerra is probably best known for his infamous case against the Little Sisters of the Poor in which he sued to force the group of nuns to violate their consciences and provide contraceptive insurance. For nuns. Because what he was really desiring to do was strike down religious liberty protections.

Ben Sasse illustrates this point incredibly well in his questioning of Becerra.

Becerra is a dangerous radical who needs to be kept out of Washington DC and Sasse is helping to make that case. There was no reason to sue the nuns except as a direct attack on religious liberty, and Becerra cannot defend that. You can watch the complete exchange here on Sasse's YouTube page.

If that's not bad enough, another republican also got into a very important exchange with the HHS nominee.

Mitt Romney attacked Becerra on his vote as a legislator against a ban on partial-birth abortion. You can watch that exchange, Becerra looks equally as hapless against middle-of-the-road Romney.

I wouldn't say that Mitt "owned" Becerra by any stretch. However, Becerra may have owned himself by admitting that he was not going to budge when it came to legalizing the right to kill a child as it's being born.

Does this man truly think that this is something he is going to find "common ground" on?

As a matter of fact, Senator Steve Daines point-blank asks Becerra if there is ANY restriction on abortion that he would support.

You can already guess what his answer was.

Becerra continually obfuscates. His mom is Catholic and prays the rosary. His wife is an OBGYN. He cares about everybody.

He is asked more than once if he can agree to just one restriction and Becerra just acts like he doesn't understand the question.

This is just his clever way of not committing to any restrictions on abortion, refusing to clearly say if he at all values the right to life. And it's because he doesn't. He's a radical pro-abortion politician, he's an anti-religious bully, and he has no problem taking on anyone, including the Little Sisters of the Poor, in order to cram down government policy.


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