WATCH: Biden voter gets hit with vicious truth of what he JUST VOTED FOR as mob surrounds his house
· Nov 10, 2020 ·

For today's nature documentary, we present you with a fascinating view of a dying political breed that's quickly vanishing from our streets. I'm talking about Moderatus Liberali – also known as an old school, blue collar liberal – who might swing left on certain social issues, but loves things like baseball, freedom, apple pie, and the Constitution.

In the following video, one of these more moderate liberals realizes that his attempt to assuage a new species on the block, Reeeee Socialās – also known as screeching leftists – has utterly failed. Watch as this man attempts to placate the screeching mob with a profession of allegiance, only to be subsequently told he is a white supremacist (the worst insult a member of the leftist species could be called):

[Warning: Language]

All joking aside, what you just witnessed was a moderate Biden voter waking up to the brutal reality of what he just voted for. As BLM activists swept through Portland suburbs on election night, this homeowner pleaded with the mob to be peaceful.

"There's my Biden sign," the man said, desperately trying to show he's on their side. "Don't destroy anything. Be peaceful!"

The mob, of course, reacted to his pleas with hatred and profanity.

"Who do you think you are telling black people how to protest? You [flowerbedding] white [donkey] privilege old man!" replied one of the mob members.

"You ask for a peaceful protest. It's white supremacy!" yelled another.

"Asking people to be peaceful is white supremacy!" continued the mob's cry.

The homeowner then came down off his front porch and tried to reason with the crowd. They accused him of instigating and told him to go home.

A moment later, another man on the edge of the crowd finds himself targeted by the mob.

"I'm on your side!" he pleads.

"No you're not!" yelled a mostly peaceful woman in reply.

The mob then chased this second man down and stole his phone. The video ended with him promising to apologize (for his whiteness I would suppose) if the mob would only return his mobile device.

I know many such people who voted for Biden and have tried to be an ally of the BLM protests because they sincerely believe Trump is Hitler-adjacent. After all, the media has been pushing that narrative for four long years.

When the leftist mob shows up at your doorstep and devours you despite your professed support for their cause, that veil of lies quickly falls away.

Last week in Detroit, a black Trump supporter said it so very well:

"To all my white liberal friends in the cities and in the suburbs, you think if you put a Black Lives Matter sign on your lawn, that they won't run in your house. Do you know what happened in China during the cultural revolution? It's not about your character or what you do or what you believe. It's about your skin color or about what's between your legs or about the class you belong to. They gonna come get you. They might not come get you first, maybe they will, but they gonna come get you. So don't think your liberalism is going to come save you. It's a lie."

Welcome to the revolution.


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