Watch: Biden's approval ratings are collapsing swiftly across the board
· Aug 2, 2021 ·

It seems people might be starting to understand that under the chocolate-chip-ice-cream veneer of America's grandpa, there's a whole lot of dangerously unhealthy policies that are going to ruin them and their nation.

Check out the anchors over at ABC as they cover how Biden's approval numbers are collapsing across the board:

You know that ABC hated to cover those numbers.

I know the media likes to pretend that people like host George Stephanopoulos – a campaign and White House communications director under the Clintons – is an objective journalist, but the reality is that these networks are stumping for Biden harder than any other politician in history. They hate having to report news that goes against their beloved regime.

Oh, and as to Biden's approval ratings on his economic policy:

The most current figures show 52 percent of Americans approving and 47 disapproving. However, this represents an 8-point change from the results in March, which showed 39 percent disapproving and 60 percent approving. Biden's disapproving rate continued to rise, reaching 42 percent in April and 47 percent in June.

Since Biden ascended the throne of power just as the economy was reopening, he's enjoyed the bump in approval that comes with such an artificial economic boost.

However, once people's stimmy checks are spent, their pandemic unemployment benefits end (next month), and the inflationary consequences of Biden's spending and executive orders on things like energy set in, people won't be nearly as happy.

Good luck, Mr. Biden. You're going to seriously need it!

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