Watch: Black Cuban eviscerates BLM over their praise for the communist government
· · Jul 19, 2021 ·

Peeps like this are the reason the Biden administration wants open borders for everyone except free-thinking, liberty-minded Cubans:

"This is directly to [the] Black Lives Matter movement. You guys suck."

I love this guy.

"You know why? You know why you guys suck? Because you guys – any of you guys [don't] live in a communist country, in a socialist country. The day you guys go to Cuba and live for a month, at least, then you guys can talk about Cuba. Then you guys can talk about Cubans."

You have to wonder, with all the oppressive dictatorships – including communist states like Cuba, Venezuela, China, North Korea, Laos, or Vietnam – why is it that our "social justice" prophets don't leave America for what they perceive to be greener pastures?? They talk the talk, but won't walk the walk.

"Cuba is not a paradise. Cuba is not like a pretty island. Cuba is a dictatorship country. Cuba is a dictatorship government. People are protesting in Cuba. They're not protesting because they want the embargo to be off. No. They're protesting because they want to be free. They're protesting in Cuba because they want FREEDOM."

BLM has claimed that the protests are about the U.S. embargo of the nation, saying that American leaders "have tried to crush this Revolution for decades."

This guy rightly points out that the embargo will end, you know, as soon as murderous communist dictators are no longer in power (also known as the people BLM supports).

"In Cuba you cannot speak, you cannot think. Thinking in Cuba take you to jail. Speaking in Cuba take you to jail. And none of that has to [do] with the embargo. In Cuba it's not about [skin] color, it's about head, it's about mouth. Whatever you think, whatever you talk that the government don't like, they can take you to jail. They can kill you. They can KILL you. They can DISAPPEAR you. And your family cannot do anything. If your family go to the street to protest, the whole family disappear."

You'd have to be a severely uneducated dummy or a malevolent sadist in order to lie about the suffering of the Cuban people AND wish that kind of suffering on America. BLM is made up of both kinds.

Way to go, my man. Glad to have you in America.


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