WATCH: Chloe Cole hopped on Disney's shareholder meeting to rip the company for paying for gender transition but not detransition
· Apr 3, 2024 ·

Disney's annual shareholder meeting just got a little bit spicier than they were prepared for.

This year, detransition hero Chloe Cole called into the meeting to give CEO Bob Iger a piece of her mind.

Disney pays for gender transition interventions but not detransitioning care. Therefore the company discriminates based on gender identity...

I speak with personal experience as someone who was deceived and harmed at a young age by gender ideology validated by the medical industry and pushed to the masses by corporations like Disney.

Here's a visual metaphor for this phone call:

Chloe then told her story, which we've covered on this site many times, and blasted Disney with a reminder that "the lawsuits are coming."

But Disney, in its arrogance, has responded to our proposal by stating that I am only trying to "generate attention for a limited agenda."

Mr. Iger, Disney under your watch has been pushing the "limited agenda" of gender ideology. Disney has become the Ursula that is stealing the voices of thousands of little Ariels across the world by telling us that we can be something that we can never become.

The lawsuits are coming, sir... please vote for proposal #7.

Proposal #7 would offer help and hope to people who want to reverse as much damage as possible caused by so-called "gender-affirming care" that permanently mutilated their bodies.

Do you think there's any chance that Disney listens to her warning?

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