Detransitioner Chloe Cole announces lawsuit against hospital for performing "gender-affirming" surgeries on her as a minor
· Feb 24, 2023 ·

Chloe Cole is one of the most outspoken advocates for children and young adults who were preyed upon by the "kind and compassionate" "gender-affirmation" industry.

Cole has been advocating for detransitioners and now, in a historic first, Cole is suing the butchers who performed a "sex-change" operation on her as a minor.

Chloe Cole, a detransitioned 18-year-old woman, announced the first official lawsuit in the U.S. against the hospital and affiliated medical group that facilitated her medical transition as a minor.

The Center for American Liberty, along with the Dhillon Law Group and LiMandri & Jonna LLP, have filed a lawsuit against the Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, alleging medical negligence in providing chemical and surgical sex change interventions to Chloe Cole when she was a minor between the ages of 13-16.

The predatory nature of the trans agenda cannot be understated. From schools, to "mental health experts," to doctors. It's all one big child abuse industry meant to confuse and sexualize children.

In the UK, the biggest gender clinic, Tavistock, is being sued into oblivion, and now the lawsuits are about to start in the United States ... and it will be an avalanche.

"Chloe's family sought medical treatment for her at Kaiser," said Harmeet K. Dhillon, attorney and CEO of the Center for American Liberty. "Her physicians and other medical professionals violated the first norm of the profession, the Hippocratic Oath, when, instead of caring for her and providing medically competent diagnoses and treatment, they permanently disfigured her for profit."

"What happened to Chloe at Kaiser should never happen to any child in America, and the Center for American Liberty is committed to protecting children like Chloe," Dhillon added.

Chloe has led the way in speaking out about the transgender issue and how it's destroying an entire generation of young people, and now she's setting an example on the legal front as well.

Despite receiving a Notice of Intent to Sue on November 9, 2022, the defendants neglected to respond for over 90 days, which left Cole with "no choice but to seek justice from a court of law," the press release states. The lawsuit alleges that the defendants coerced Cole into pursuing irreversible chemical and surgical interventions between the ages of 13 and 16 while "concealing less invasive treatments and by lying to her about her condition."

A press conference was held in front of Kaiser Gender Pathways Clinic in Oakland, California, on Thursday afternoon — the same clinic where Cole received part of her treatment as a minor. Cole, alongside Dhillon, gave an impassioned speech accusing Kaiser of "victimizing thousands of children" with "Mengele-style experiments."

"I was fifteen when you cut into my body, ripped out my breasts and stitched me back up like I was your rag doll," Cole charged. "You are on the wrong side of history and will always be remembered as child butchers."

At 15 years old, Chloe Cole had a double mastectomy, recommended by doctors and mental health professionals, because she convinced herself that she was a boy. She had already been on testosterone and puberty blockers since age 13.

Her story is heartbreaking, the best telling of it comes in this 2hr+ interview with Jordan Peterson. We cover part of that interview here on our site.

Hopefully, this lawsuit will be followed by THOUSANDS of others.

There are hundreds of gender clinics in the United States and each one of them needs to be tied up in lawsuits and brought to its knees.

May the avalanche begin.

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