Watch: Here's what happened the day after Canada banned handguns and legalized meth
ยท Jun 2, 2022 ยท

Good luck with the blademaster, Canucks!

[Warning: Language]

(If you're wondering, yes, Vancouver and its province of British Columbia just decriminalized meth and other drugs this week)

The poster, a journalist in Alberta, went on to say this:

Handguns stop this sort of thing in the United States every day. Unfortunately, Trudeau hates you, so you're f-----. Instead of protecting yourself, you get to enjoy the steely blades of crackheads in your back when you're innocently filling up with gas.

The blademaster apparently started the whole mess by plowing his van โ€“ which was missing a tire โ€“ into a pedestrian, sending him flying 20 feet. He then got out, asked his victim if he was okay, and then went back into his van to get his swords before stabbing the victim (who is now in intensive care).

Moments later, Leonardo said he heard someone shout, "Watch out!" and turned to see the driver returning with two bladed weapons. The man leaned over and started stabbing the injured pedestrian in the back and neck, Leonardo said.

"I don't really understand the reason for the stabbing," Leonardo said, adding that the attacker seemed to be in a troubled state. "I looked into his eyes and he just wasn't there."

It's always sad to see kind and apologetic Canadians suddenly realize how crime (and objective reality) works.

"I just looked out the window and saw a man brandishing a machete and chasing people around the gas station parking lot," Lloyd said.

Enjoy the society you've voted for, Canada!

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