Interview with NYU protester: "I really don't know... [turns to friend] Why are we protesting here?"
· Apr 24, 2024 ·

Let me remind you that this person can vote.

Interviewer: And what would you say is the main goal with tonight's protest?

Protester 1: I think the goal is to showing [SIC] our support for Palestine and demanding that NYU stop - I honestly don't know all of what NYU's doing.

Interviewer: Is there something that NYU's doing?

Protester 1: I really don't know. I'm pretty sure they're - [turns to friend] Do you know what NYU's doing?

Protester 2: About what?

Okay, this is the point where I died laughing.

"About what?"

You know, WHY are you even here? What did NYU do to make you so mad that you'd riot in the street?


Protester 1: About Israel! Why are we protesting here?

Protester 2: I wish I was more educated!

Protester 1: I'm not either!

The understatement of the century, ladies and gentlemen!

These are our VERY smart Ivy League Columbia students. This is the future.

Protester 1: I came from Columbia and we came down and they said NYU students need our support, so I came down. I've heard there's lots of cops. Some people said it was getting dangerous.

I don't know what's worse:

The fact that this is the modern product of the Left, or the fact that conservatives are LOSING to THIS.

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