Jill Biden absolutely biffed speaking Spanish yesterday ๐Ÿ˜‚
ยท Apr 1, 2021 ยท NottheBee.com

This shot is pretty much straight outta The Office.

This was supposed to be "si se puede":

"Say it with me: SEE SAY PWODWAY! The future is ours!"

For the record, DOCTOR Jill Biden was quoting leftist icon Cesar Chavez and his motto of "si se puede," or "Yes we can."

To make things even better, she was standing in front of a giant flag that looked like something the Third Reich would have used.

Before any of you roll your eyes at such a comparison, let me make two points.

First, remember the stage design for CPAC that got nationwide media attention for apparently being a NaZi sYmBoL?


Second, while the flag was designed by Chavez himself, he actually DREW SOME OF HIS INSPIRATION FROM NAZI FLAGS.

Per the Smithsonian:

"The story of the black eagle, the movement's symbol, exemplifies [Cesar] Chavez's skill as a tactician. He researched emblems, including cigarette boxes and Nazi flags, and concluded that the most potent color combination was red, black and white. He picked the eagle and directed his brother to draw the bird so simply that anyone could easily replicate the symbol."


As usual, the "objective" media was silent about the flag or the blunder and I had a hard time finding the camera angle with the flag on news outlets because we live in 1984.

A few conservative journalists had some observations though:


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