Uganda bans LGBT identity, wokies freak out
· Mar 22, 2023 ·

Uganda just made it illegal for anyone to even identify with the LGBT religion.

Watch as lawmakers sing and cheer at the passing of the bill:

Ahh, sweet African music! It sounds so joyful!


I am sure that leftists are going to be out in the streets defending the African culture and celebrating the expression of their own values and rejection of Western colonialism!

From the BBC:

Uganda's parliament has passed a new law which criminalises identifying as LGBT, and threatens them with 10 years in jail.

Musa Ecweru, MP for Amuria District, addressed lawmakers, saying homosexuals will have "no space in Uganda".

It is the latest sign of rising homophobia in a country where homosexual acts are already illegal.

Activists and LGBT people in Uganda have said that anti-homosexuality sentiment in the country is exposing them to physical and online violence, and that the bill may have far-reaching consequences for Ugandans in general.

Of course, lefties are taking the most insane possible reaction to this:

Uganda literally bans homosexuality and the lefties think it's the same as DeSantis banning the grooming of kids under 8 years old.

Making it so the law does not recognize unnatural and destructive sexual practices will now exacerbate the AIDS problem. Got it.

  • Step 1: Marxists create sexual revolution
  • Step 2: Marxists push said revolution on other nations
  • Step 3: Marxists blame Europeans and Christians when their own colonialist incursions fail.

I can't wait to hear how Africans protecting the lives of preborn babies is also the nefarious imperialist work of those colonialist Jesus worshippers!

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