Watch Matt Walsh On Tucker Dropping Bombs On Everyone Opposing Cameras In Classrooms For Teacher Accountability
· Jul 9, 2021 ·

Over the last few days, there has been controversy on Twitter over the conservative Matt Walsh suggesting it would be a good idea for public school classrooms to have cameras so that parents are able to see exactly what is being taught to their children inside government schools.

The same way we have body cams for police and nanny cams at dog kennels, it would be reasonable for parents to expect some transparency when it comes to the teaching of their children.

The first tweet on this subject from Walsh stated the thesis clearly and concisely.

This was met, of course, with confused leftists whose general reply was "I thought conservatives were against a surveillance state" to which Walsh eloquently replied.

Yep. People really are this stupid.

Walsh over the next couple of days kept defending this position and bringing up more salient points.

I mean... you can't really argue with that.

Then there's this conclusion.

It does tell you everything you need to know that leftists and teachers on the left are scared to death that parents might be able to check in on them in the performance of their duties. As if the teachers or schools have more authority over children than parents do. A popular, but obviously dangerous leftist idea.

Matt Walsh went on Tucker Carlson's show last night to really defend the idea that the state teachers need to be surveilled by their employers, aka parents.

So much gold in this interview, as can always be expected when you put Matt Walsh in front of a microphone. But some highlights are worth pointing out.

"The first thing they give us is it's a privacy concern or even a free speech concern. But first of all, teachers as government employees, in their capacity as government employees working with kids, they shouldn't get privacy or free speech."

"Is there anything that could happen in a public school classroom that you absolutely do not want on film? If you can think of something like that it shouldn't be happening in the classroom to begin with!"

Teachers that oppose this must be asked the question, what do you have to hide. And then they need to be reminded who they work for. And that's the parents and taxpayers. Those are the people who have the final say in their kids' education. Not teachers.

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