Crazy police pursuit ends as woman driving smashed-up stolen truck stops at McDonald's drive-thru to order some breakfast
· · Jul 9, 2021 ·

Okay, this story happened in Massachusetts, and it's one for the ages:

So this pursuit started at 8:45 in the morning, and I don't have the statistics on this, but I can't imagine many police chases occur at this hour.

Apparently this lady just hopped into a dude's pickup truck and darted off just as the morning traffic was starting to die down.

The truck had GPS, so the guy called 911 and was easily able to let the police know where the woman was headed.

So the officers took to pursuit, and... oh man... this really didn't help her cause:

As officers made their way to the area of the stolen truck, they were flagged down by another driver who said their car had been hit by the truck minutes before.

So I'm guessing this lady hadn't yet sobered up from the night before. Either that or she just doesn't know how to drive a truck. Either that or she's just your average woman driver.


The police found the lady in the truck a few blocks away, activated those pretty berries-and-cherries, and kindly walked up to the vehicle.


Officers pursued her for a while, but she allegedly "crossed into the wrong lane and oncoming traffic, hitting a van." Then she backed up the car, striking a cruiser, and proceeded to "knock down and drag" one of the officers. So they stopped pursuing her for safety reasons.

Again, the truck had GPS so it was all good.

So then, a little later—and I'm not kidding—they found the woman waiting in line at the McDonald's drive thru, just chilling there in the beat up truck trying to get her hands on a sausage McMuffin.


Okay, I can't. Like, you have to be extremely hungry to make a mistake like this one!

But it gets worse…

Officers approached her in two vehicles but she intentionally struck one before veering off the road and getting the stolen pick-up truck stuck in a pile of mulch that was on the McDonald's property, police said.

Officers were then able to pull Gardell out of the vehicle as she fought and struggled with them during the arrest.

Well, good thing it was landscaping day at McDonald's, or else who knows how much longer this pursuit could've gone on.

I sure hope somebody got to enjoy that sausage McMuffin though. She is darn lucky she didn't get served some bullets for breakfast!


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