Watch: News Report Shows Just How Insane And Overly Restrictive Australia's Covid Lockdowns Have Been
· Jul 21, 2021 ·

In the United States, some states have had it pretty rough when it comes to Covid restrictions and lockdowns. Mandatory masking, businesses shut down unnecessarily, other restrictive measures.

But even those in places like Michigan and California where the lockdowns were most insane should thank their lucky stars they don't live in the dystopian hellscape that is Australia.

Watch as this news anchor calmly and matter-of-factly explains the insanity happening in The Down Under:

In an idiotically named "No Regrets" Policy, the Premiere in Australia has chosen to shut down a region of 900,000 people because this week there were 111 new cases and 1 Covid death in the nation.


This one death brought the total number of deaths by the Delta variant of Covid-19 to a whopping three!

And because of these three total deaths, the government in Australia will go back to protocols that were extreme at the beginning of the pandemic. This is March 2020 overreaction nonsense.

In this area of Australia, including Sydney, they are closing ALL retail stores except some "essential" businesses, all construction sites, and mandating 900,000 people to stay at home. Not allowed to leave their neighborhood for work or any reason at all.

Not only can you not leave your neighborhood, but Australian officials are also saying that if you somehow run into your neighbor while you're outside you shouldn't even speak to her.




Hundreds of thousands of people locked in their homes for no reason, the same number out of work, depression, despair, all of the well-documented side effects of these insane lockdown policies, and the Australian government has decided to double down?

This is beyond crazy. It's stupid and wrong.

Thankfully, after more than a year of this totalitarian nonsense, some Australian people are finally waking up to the tyranny.

This in Melbourne:

Protestors shouting "We will not comply!"

Truckers also created a convoy to protest lockdowns. These are regular people tired of the bull and ready to get back to work.

It's a start, but the general willingness of Australians to comply with and support these tyrannical overreaches is what led to this point.

Permanent on and off lockdowns, government locking you in your homes at a moment's notice, businesses shut down – all because of 111 cases and one man in his mid-80s dying of Covid-19.

No regrets, indeed.


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