Watch: Ben Shapiro perfectly describes Critical Race Theory in 65 seconds
· Aug 7, 2021 ·

If anyone doesn't know what Critical Race Theory is, they WILL after watching this.

The clip is from Friday's episode of "Real Time" with Bill Maher in a segment was about laws that ban CRT from being taught in public school.

Here's the transcript of Shapiro's quote:

"Critical Race Theory essentially argues that racism is baked into all the systems of American society, and that any sort of neutral system is, in fact, a guise for racial power. And so the argument is made by [CRT proponent] Derrick Bell, for example, that Brown v. Board of Education — and this is an argument that he made in 1991 — that Brown v. Board of Education was actually a way for the white community to leverage its own power; it wasn't an attempt to end segregation in public schools. Even things that are purportedly good, in terms of race, so long as they uphold these broader systems — things like capitalism or things like the meritocracy — these things are actually just guises for power. And so what that boils down to, in sort of practical terms, is all disparity equals discrimination. If you can see any stat where black people are underperforming white people, this means the system was set up for the benefit of white people, and that white people have a duty to tear down these systems in order to alleviate the racism that's implicit in those systems. When this comes to schools, what this tends to boil down to, is kids who are white have experienced privilege because the system was built for white people, and we have to change the standard.

Mad props to Shapiro fairly representing an ideology, even one he opposes. That is an admirable and vital skill.

Indeed, even the pro-CRT man sitting on the left literally said he "agreed with everything [Shapiro] just said."

Also, mad props to Bill Maher, a liberal, for having the guts to invite Shapiro onto his show to discuss this at length.

Here's the full segment (LANGUAGE WARNING):

* * *

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