Watch the New York governor explain her new "surveillance efforts" to "counter" speech her government doesn't like
· Nov 14, 2023 ·

Man, I'm sure glad a Republican isn't leading New York, cuz the media says they'd implement an authoritarian theocracy where Big Brother spies on you for wrongthink on the internet!

We're very focused on the data we're collecting from surveillance efforts - what's being said on social media platforms. And we have launched an effort to be able to counter some of the negativity and reach out to people when we see hate speech being spoken about on online platforms.

Hochul said this in the context of a wave of antisemitism in the state. New York is home to 2.2 million Jews, and over 1.6 million live in New York City (the largest population in any city of the world).

You hate to see the hate being spewed online, but Hochul thinking total-state surveillance of citizens is the answer is, well, as dumb as anyone who's lived through the last 100 years of history could imagine.

It's painful to me as the governor of this great state — that has been known for its diversity, and how we celebrate different cultures, different religions, different viewpoints — it's painful to see the cruelty with which New Yorkers are treating each other. Everywhere from college campuses, to our streets, to schools, to playgrounds; even as they're entering their houses of worship.

Interesting. So "diversity" isn't bad by itself. You can have lots of people from different cultures and ethnicities that get along. But Hochul lobs religions and viewpoints in there.

Then she said she "deployed the State Police to protect our synagogues and yeshivas and mosques."

Here's my question for her: Can she point to an instance of Jews causing violence in the streets or targeting mosques? I found one example of a mosque in Brooklyn being vandalized... from 2021.

Meanwhile, on the side of those who hate Jews...

(Notice how the NYT doesn't give a specific number for antisemitic crimes in its tweet.)

The New York Post is here to call them out:

The NYPD reports that hate crimes jumped 124% last month over October 2022 — driven by a 214% leap in anti-Jewish incidents.

Overall, the city saw 101 hate crimes last month (vs. 45 last October), including 69 anti-Jewish crimes, compared to eight anti-Muslim incidents.

So who are you monitoring with these "surveillance efforts," governor? You say you are "very focused on the data."

Are you really?

Because here are the data from just New York City:

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