Watch BLM protesters jeer and taunt police at a Wisconsin memorial ceremony for fallen officers
· · May 14, 2021 ·

Wisconsin holds a memorial ceremony each year for officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. This is obviously a very normal and very respectful thing to do.

Unfortunately, the 2021 ceremony will always be remembered for the two bozos who showed up and disrupted the event by shouting over a megaphone and generally making fools of themselves.

Here. Try watching as much of this as you can:

[Warning: Language]:

You probably didn't make it too far, so here's the chaplain's speech seven minutes in, where the protesters interrupt a prayer and a moment of silence:

Pure disrespect.

And just plain immature. In fact, immaturity might actually explain this better than disrespect now that I think about it.

Are these two people toddlers? They must be adult-size toddlers.

I mean, come on. They got the male to stop protesting by sending a pretty blonde police officer over, and boom, he was outie. Didn't take much.

How did they get that lady to finally shut up though?

Also, I would've loved to see Governor Tony Evers step up to the mic and at least say SOMETHING to these people.

Like, "Hey, I'm the governor. Have some respect. These are fallen police officers we're talking about."

That's what a real leader would've done. But everybody knows Evers is just a soft little lefty incapable of leadership. So he just sat there, probably wondering whether the education system he's helped manage for the last 20 years played a significant role in creating these two garbage adults.

I will say this: I'm actually proud to see that only two people were a part of this protest. This shows at least some humans in the anti-police movement still have hearts.

One last thing: Don't wear a Michigan jersey in Madison.


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