"I LOVE MY JOB": Watch this Canadian doctor recall how she has assisted in the "suicide" of over 400 people, not including her other job as an abortionist
· May 26, 2024 · NottheBee.com

Watch this interview in a BBC special on assisted suicide hosted by the handicapped comedian and actress Liz Carr, with this Doctor of Death, Dr. Ellen Wiebe, who is a Canadian abortionist and Medical Assistance In Death (MAID) doctor. A murder specialist.

Carr: How many deaths have you been involved with?

Wiebe: Over 400.

Carr: That sounds like a lot. Is that what you do now?

Wiebe: No I still run a contraception and abortion clinic in addition to my MAID work.

Wiebe has killed more than 400 people in her capacity as a doctor WITHOUT factoring in the untold number of babies she has killed in the womb. And she's a MAID doctor in Canada, meaning the government pays her to off its citizens.

Carr: Would you ever say no?

Wiebe: Of course! I have! Yes! We have a law and I obey this law. So there are people who are not eligible under this law.

Oh, so the only thing preventing her from killing more people is the fact that Trudeau hasn't given her the thumbs up? The law of Canada is the only thing that determines who is and isn't eligible for death by doc?

If this doesn't give you the heebie jeebies then I don't know what will.

She even talks about killing off people who COULD be cured possibly, saying, "What you really need is more drugs, but you want MY drugs [that kill you], I'll give them to you."

I have certainly met people who are no more disabled than I am saying life is not acceptable in this state ...

I love my job! ... This is the very best work I've done in the last seven years!

What's truly frightening is how much she loves her job. She delights in killing children, the elderly, and the handicapped? There's a certain German regime of the past century where she would have really felt at home.

Seems like the smiley, friendly face of death.

Speaking of working with a certain German regime, here's a layer of this story that first caught my eye and turned my stomach.

This lady snuck into a Jewish nursing home five years ago and killed a Holocaust survivor?

It's "the very best work" she's done??

She was certainly proud of it after the fact, especially when she avoided all professional consequences.

You can watch Dr. Wiebe defend her murderous position against Christian ethicists on Mikhaila Peterson's podcast.

While this story was being written, we got an email from a reader with a tip about a recent Jordan Peterson interview discussing Canada's murderous MAID program if you have the time to watch.

The details here are sick:

Canada is so far gone!

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