Watch: This lawyer abandoned her client in the middle of a Zoom hearing and the judge was NOT pleased
· Jan 19, 2021 ·

Yeah, you don't want to do that to a judge...

Because of Covid regulations many courts are conducting their hearings via Zoom. And that seems to be making some people take the whole thing a little less seriously.

Case in point: Louisville lawyer Shanika O'Neill is now facing a contempt citation because she straight up hung up on a Zoom call with the judge because she was fed up with her client.

Watch how everyone reacts:

(Just for context, you can't see Ms. O'Neill in the video, but you hear her voice. Her client is bottom left and the judge is top left)

BRO. 😳

So, basically what happened was O'Neill wanted to get out of the misdemeanor case and asked the judge if they could withdraw. The judge says, "nope." And O'Neill goes on a little rant about how terrible her client is and indicates she doesn't care if her motion to withdraw is denied, she's done.

The last thing she says is, "I bet I don't appear again." Then she was OUTTA THERE.

Look at these reactions! 🤣


They can't believe that just happened!

The judge couldn't either. And now Ms. O'Neill is facing contempt of court.

Also, did I hear that right? Did that dude say "I don't have a mental illness. I'm from Florida"?? 🤔

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