Watch this woke "pastor" say Jesus used a racial slur in the Bible and then "repented of his racism." Yes, Jesus.
ยท Mar 9, 2021 ยท

I promise you this is real. It's not a parody, and it's not a deepfake, and despite the ... bizarre presentation, yeah, this dude really published this:

This fool, "Reverend" Brandan Robertson, who is clearly a leftist "attention lady of the night," says that in Mark 7 Jesus hurled a racial slur at a woman, but because the woman "didn't back down" from him and instead "spoke truth to power," she "changed his mind" and "Jesus repents of his racism."

"Jesus repents of his racism."

He really said that. This woke "pastor," who is gay (shocker), and announces his pronouns (shocker), and who on his Twitter profile does his best to make himself look like some sort of rainbow superhero.

There are so many layers of mind-warping wokery to this that one hardly knows where to start. Suffice it to say, that if Jesus was ever racist, or ever had to repent of anything, that means that Jesus sinned. And โ€” Christianity 101, Sunday school stuff here โ€” Jesus never sinned. And if Jesus ever did sin, Christianity is not true.

This is not Christianity this odd fellow is preaching, it's Wokianity. CRTanity. A different religion. Or as Mr. Harrison puts it:

Whatever you call it, it's from Hell.

Are you on the woke church train? I hope you're paying attention. Because it's headed this way. In a hurry. And it will get there eventually. It will arrive at a place that not only is not Christian, it's actively anti-Christ.

P.S. I'll have to include this in my next podcast or perhaps I'll make a video about it. It's just too much for one little article.

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